Which Car Insurance Companies in Georgia Do Not Ask About Criminal Convictions?

Last Updated: 14 Jan 2022

After researching the top car insurance companies, you’ll be able to make an informed decision. Likewise, find out which car insurance companies do not ask about criminal convictions? Georgia drivers may wish to acquire rates from these firms while seeking for car insurance.  

When it comes to car insurance, price isn’t the only consideration. The J.D. Power scores, which measure a company’s average customer satisfaction, are also significant. You may also look at AM Best’s financial stability rating, as well as the coverage options, pricing, and availability of each company. 

What is the Average Car Insurance Cost in Snellville, GA? 

Georgia car insurance is relatively costly, with typical full coverage rates that are more than $300 more than the national average. Georgia consumers spend $1,982 per year for the same coverage as the national average of $1,674. Minimum coverage is also more expensive, costing $756 per year for Georgia residents and $565 per year for those who live elsewhere. 

To drive lawfully in Georgia, like in most states, you must have a minimum amount of car insurance. The following are the minimal requirements: 

  •  $25,000 per person for physical harm 
  •  $50,000 per accident in terms of bodily harm 
  •  Property damage of $25,000 

which car insurance companies do not ask about criminal convictions
top car insurance companies

Buying the bare minimum of coverage might save you money on car insurance. However, you may not have enough coverage to cover the costs of an at-fault collision if you only have basic coverage. You will be accountable for the excess if you cause injuries or damages that exceed your coverage limitations. You may also find such information on an insurance directory. 

On the other hand, you might be more interested in knowing about what companies offer non owner car insurance. 

How to Get the Top Car Insurance Companies in Snellville 

Everyone’s finest and cheapest auto insurance in Georgia will be different. Because car insurance is tailored to each individual driver, you may want to consider the following ideas while looking for the best car insurance in Snellville, Georgia: 

Assess your requirements: Many individual characteristics, such as the driver’s age, gender, location, driving history, and vehicle, influence the cost of auto insurance. You might acquire quotes from a few insurance providers to compare plans and discover which discounts you qualify for and which policy would give the coverage you need to obtain the perfect vehicle insurance policy at the greatest price. 


Consider the following state variables: Georgia drivers are required to have liability insurance, which covers property damage and injury to others if you cause a car accident. To drive lawfully, you must have at least the state’s minimal coverage. Because tornadoes are common in Georgia, you should consider purchasing comprehensive coverage to protect your vehicle against weather damage. 

Likewise, you might also be interested in insurance careers and want to know how to become an insurance broker. For that getting an insurance license is the first step. You should also carry knowledge about various insurtech software. 


Do you have to disclose criminal convictions for car insurance?

This is a question that many people have, and the answer is it depends on the insurance company. Some companies will ask about criminal convictions, while others will not.

Do car insurance companies check for convictions?

Yes, car insurance companies do check for convictions. Some insurers only look back a certain number of years, while others will go back as far as your entire criminal history.

What happens if I have a conviction?

Your car insurance premium will likely go up if you have a conviction. You may also be considered a high-risk driver and not get car insurance at all.

How long does a criminal conviction last?

A criminal conviction will stay on your record for a certain number of years, depending on the severity of the crime.

top car insurance companies
top car insurance companies

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